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Post by Monshraider on Sat Jan 09, 2010 11:50 am

So yes, I know we have already loads of smilies there but I added some more. For the new ones, go to view more emoticons and choose "New Smilies". For the old ones choose "Old Smilies". You can change whenever you want though ^^.

So, here are the new smilies:

Hello!! You are a God! BLUUURP!!! I love bouncing!! Now I even love more Wallys bouncing too Now in multicolor!!! Bouncing over fire! Burnt to death... **** you $%&@# Rock n Rolla Dancing Dancing with friends Cutting heads Jumpin UFO Comet Car Tank Minigun Cool Dont come near me! Im so angry I burn Rock band rocks! Blah blah blah... Youre an ass!!! Conversion Light-saber fight!!! Pushing ppl... Hammer Hide Dancing Banana Dancing Devil! LMAO Na Shoop da Whoop! WTF!? SDW!!!!!!! Failed ShoopdaWhoop! I agree Off-Topic!!! Thread Jacked!!! Thanks! You rock!!!!

Hope you like them, I'll keep adding more in this same post Hello!!
(Just for the record, this smiley Shoop da Whoop! is not attached to this one WTF!? SDW!!!!!!! , but if you put them together they both look good. Thanks! )

PS: BTW, if you know about a site that has nice smilies that you would like them to be in here, just PM and I'll check the site ^^


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