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Post by jcarnes on Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:32 pm

South Carolina, the first state to join the Union and the only one to do so under President Geroge Lucas Washingtub Washington. The only state to have its own military. The only State with the guts to break away from Microsoft!

South Carolina started out as the niece of the all powerful England. South Carolina's Father was the great and powerful King George Washingtub Bush Lucas. South Carolina's mother was a lonly piece of land called Carolina. At an early age, South Carolina was thrown to the dogs and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean into the middle of Indianland. For 7 long years, South Carolina fought against the Indians and their Native American allies for control over some of the worst land the world has seen. When the war ended in a draw, both the Indians and South Carolina decided just to give the land to someone else. This land is now called Washington D.C.

More recently, the South Carolina Special Forces (SCSF) was called out to the county of Lancaster. A court case had turned into Quiet Riot. upon realizing that the band made terriable music, the SCSF packed them into a box and shipped them to Iraq. Saddly, King George Washington-Lopez-Harrison-Ford-Skywalker-Lucas Bush thought that the band was weapons of mass destrucion and got the U.N. involved. upon realizing that the U.N. was called in to find the band, the SCSF paid a total of $5 American dollars. This caused a shift in the space-time contenuim that allowed Michael J. Fox to return home with the help of the Ghostbusters. sadly, the courthouse was burned to the ground because of the re-entry of the pimped out ride. a new bomb shelter like courthouse is being built on the site of a former gas station that was to the left of the courthouse.

State drink: Bud

State bird: KFC

State stance on the CIA: HA! Their a joke!

State stance on the other 55 states: We have to take care of them, so naturally we hate them.

State view on The View: Wait, it's not canceled yet? Ah man, time for the SCSF to go again.

State stance on the FBI: We won. Final score was 48-0. Get over it Federal Government!

a/n: please forgive spelling errors. at the moment, i'm using notepad for my typing and i have dial up, so downloading openoffice is not going to work. if you liked/enjoyed this, please post a comment saying so. if you didn't, then i am sorry. i will continue to post the real history of the 56 states unless someone asks to do one themselves. feel free to quote anything you read and if you have a suggestion, send me a message. i love making fun of famous "Georges", so if you find one that i have left out in anyone of these that i post, please tell me and i'll start using them.
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