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[Clan/Alliance]-The Guards Empty [Clan/Alliance]-The Guards

Post by Monshraider on Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:54 pm

Name of the Clan/Alliance:The Guards
Founder of the Clan/Alliance:Shadowmonk

Money: Unlimited.
Placement: Sacred Mountain(Reign of Light)
-Light Warrior-->$3000
-Heavy Warrior->$7000

Pet: Basilisk.
Habilities of the Leader/s: Their basilisk can fly and can use "Divine Breath", which doesn't damage creatures of the light but does heavy damage to darkness creatures.
History: They were noble knights that united to protect the Reign of light, and particularly the Sacred Mountain. They vanished long ago seeking an antique relic. Now the war's coming and they gather once again against the enemies of the light.

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