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Post by Monshraider on Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:49 am

So, new updates so far:
+New images for the refreshing of forums, so now the "new posts" image as well as the others have changed. Enjoy!
+Ok, tired of 2 colors that are just for admins and mods? Well, no more! I've changed colors so that anybody can recognize a mod from a a mini-mod or whatever. Normal members will stay in a normal green color though.
+As I thought the rank "administrator" was still low, I created a "webmaster" rank, which made me changed everyone's priviliges. Say hello to your new rank people!! People whose rank changed:
jcarnes---------------->Head Moderator.
Bloodshot-------------->Still mini-mod, but admin of the mini-mod group.

... That's all the people that changed at least a little bit.
+More forum games. Yay!
Again, any suggestions will be accepted. See you later guys! Hello!!

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