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Post by hellangel on Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:59 am

welcome to the bar!
buy stuff for all ur online mmorpg needs.

to buy something u must place an order on this forum (u can order more than one thing). when i come back on i will check the order and subtract it from ur cash. then u can add it to ur profile.

Bottle of Screech: negates abilities for 1 turn:$1000
Ambrosia:refills health but drink it 3 times in one match and u lose 50 movement: $500
Amulet: when ur opponent or ally uses an item this can copy its effect: $2000
light in a jar: darkness people loses 15 health. light people only lose 5 health: $2000
darkness in a jar: " same thing except reversed ":$2000
Diamond: add it to ur weapon and it just looks cool: $100,000,000

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