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Some subtle changes. Empty Some subtle changes.

Post by Monshraider on Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:33 pm

As all of you may have noticed, there's not much being done here at the forums(not to say nothing at all).
So, all this inactivity gave me (a hell of a lot of) time to re-construct the whole forum. And while I was doing this I realized something... the forum is full of sh¡t. And I mean real, deep crap. I made so many mistakes back when I created the forum that I just can't believe I made it myself.
Anyway, these problems weren't easy to solve, and I ahd to take some difficult decisions onto what to do. BUT since its for the good of these forums, I just did what I had to do.
Well, here's the thread of news:
1- Headers have been changed and now we have a link to Ikariam and another link to the game Crush the Castle 2. The page linked is a HTML page of the forum where I simply put down the game
code (yeah I'm genius amirite). Have a nice gaming!
2- You can now use default avatars from the gallery. I left mine there because I'm not expecting anyone to use it. Because you know what will happen if you use a webmaster's avatar, right? Twisted Evil
3- I'll shut down the roleplay section. Just a waste of time and space in the forum (it's just fail).
4- I'll also shut down some sub-forums so the whole page is mainly directed to ikariam-related matters (more exactly TGO matters). As I thought you still might want to talk about off-topic things, I'll just create a new sub-forum called "Off-Topic" that will contain all the other off-topic sub-forums that were created originally.
5- YOUR ALLIANCE NEEDS YOU! We NEED you to post regularly on these forums. If you don't want to do it for yourself, how about doing it for the whole alliance. These kind of forums die quite easily (trust me when I say this, it comes from experience), so we need you to post regularly to keep it going. If users see nobody talks, they won't talk as well, and it all ends up in a cicle.
6- Smileys are now all in one folder, meaning just scroll down the smiley bar and you'll find them.
7- Mini-mods group was deleted. That means mini-mods ain't coming back, deal with it.
8- And the most painful news for some of you: I'll remove any mods or whatever. The only ones staying at charge are the following:
+ TheGreatOldOnesForum (bot) as webmaster.
+ Monshraider as webmaster.
+ H. Armitage as webmaster.
+ Islandwoodsie as administrator.
All of you guys that didn't make it there, sorry. I need to start right from scratch now.
So, as you might have noticed now too is that I'm leaving lots of space for new moderators & administrators (not webmasters, sorry ¬¬). But this time I won't be giving them out so easily: earn your ranks to get them. I will be one of the judges along with H. Armitage and an admin of our choice (or in case he's inactive or something, another user of my choice, same happens if I'm the one inactive) to decide who gets which rank. Posts will help a lot; apporting to the alliance will help you too. But it won't happen from 1 day to another, you must keep up the good work.

I think that's all for now. I want to see this forum active again, and you're the key for that to happen.

Some subtle changes. Readpost Thanks!

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